We have worked with many clients and we always like to hear they come out happy and satisfied from the cooperation. Have a look what our clients said about us.

Dr Apratim Goel

iDoc Solution, a helping hand for every doctor. I am sure, a lot of you want to start the chain of your clinics. Some of you are wanting to buy your first laser machine. When I started my clinic there was a scare, how will you do it? what will happen? and I want somebody to hold my hand. That somebody can be iDoc, which comes to the little cost. But I suggest you to don't be penny wise pound foolish. I have saved my pounds through iDoc, so please do yours.

Dr. Bhairavi

iDoc - The one stop solution for all. Idoc is something which is going to do a great help to a number of doctors across the world. The application that handles all kind of clinical and technical needs. As a doctor, though we are medically trained but at the end, we are a business person and trying to deal with business every day. Personally, I think iDoc has done a lot for us and our clinic to establish and run successfully. Thank you iDoc!

Dr. Farida Modi

iDoc is the professional way to help us at several aspects of clinic including clinic design, staff training, staff outfits design, clinic marketing etc. When it comes to your own clinic, then you have to start concentrating on other aspects like brand building, staff training, constantly keeping up with aesthetic updates and it's not easy. So iDoc is one stop solution for all these and I will highly recommend iDoc to you.

Dr. Pranav Pancholi

Through iDoc, I have been able to strategize, advertise and market my clinics and products much more effectively which has translated to increase walk-in through my clinic. Any doctor interested in developing their practice further, opening a chain of clinics, starting franchise model should definitely go for iDoc. I now believe that iDoc is actually a must for everyone who wants to have successful clinical practice.

Dr. Ashutosh Pandya

iDoc helped me a lot of time to train my staff, how to deal with clients, how to cut short the time, how to improve the procedure, how to make clinic impressive & so many things. I always hire professional who gives services on time, so you are free to do your work and OPD. Sometimes paid services to be paid more in return. And I have experienced the same with iDoc. Thank you, Mr. Ilesh to introducing this innovative app iDoc.

Dr. Harshit Ranpara

iDoc Solution is a needed application for every doctor. iDoc is the key for our clinic development, staff training, clinic interior design, patient counseling, patient education, promotional activities and so on. Conceptualizing unique solution for each and every doctor that is the unique feature of iDoc. So personally I recommend you all to be a part of iDoc.

Dr. Piyush Borkhatariya

When I came to know about iDoc, I was surprised and amazed with this innovative concept. iDoc came with the concept which helps to develop a practice to the next level. Actually, we are having so many ideas about the different campaign but we didn’t have any person who executes it. For the solution, Mr. Ilesh and his team came up with iDoc. So personally I recommend you all to be a part of iDoc.

Dr. Prashant Agrawal

I am very happy to associate with iDoc because I am taking services of iDoc. I would heartily appreciate that whatever they have done for my clinic, for my staff, for my clinic interior and all that was fabulous job done by iDoc. So, in terms of services, in terms of skills and in terms of nature of work done by them is really 10 on 10 and I would be rather more than happy to be associated with iDoc.

Dr. Priya Agrawal

When I began my practices, Mr. Ilesh and his team have helped me a lot to market our services, in terms of marketing, or how to promote our clinic. When we shifted our premises they helped us in every possible way including the design of glasses, the logo of tissue paper & the logo on glasses and every little thing which created impact on the patient. He has given ideas and definitely, it has worked a lot. So whenever we required, we took the help from them and we strongly recommend iDoc to others.