About us

The combination of Dermatologists’ academic skills and our insights has inspired us to build iDoc Solutions, this would be a vital combination to achieve mutual goal that is ‘to beautify the world. iDoc Solutions brings the power of ideas for you. We understand that dermatology specialist is a person, who works hard in his daily practice and he has academic knowledge and tolls to touch human life in significant way, but still there are some untouched missing parts.


We brainstormed and found some untouched parts and missing dimensions, and how could we fill that? Here is the answer: iDoc-the world of solutions. A tool that dissolves boundaries, a tool that encourages you to think differently on following services:

  • Marketing
  • Negotiation
  • Time management
  • Inspiration & Motivation
  • Branding
  • Competition
  • Staff training
  • Clinic development
  • Increase OPD and revenue

Now, your goals, success & achievements are just a step ahead by unboxing iDoc that brings the power of ideas. You will get a world of insights, innovative thoughts, ideas and tools like, audios, videos, blogs and application.


iDoc Solutions is a service for Dermatologists and so we are majorly focusing on marketing and branding skills for the development of Doctors or Dermatologists to achieve their specific professional goals. We measure our achievements by work that is proven, effective and ethical marketing systems that produce quantifiable results for you.

Our Values & Philosophy

“Innovation and creation is our fuel, we believe in providing the best ideas and knowledge to our clients and help them to achieve their professional goals. Our mission is to beautify the world through a mutual collaboration with skin specialists and experts.”


Our team is led by Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar, who has expertise in dermatology industry from past 13 years and his broad thinking as well as wisdom has inspired many professionals in dermatology field. Our team has got ideas & insights that are innovative and out of the box and the best part is that we are inspired and guided by Mr. Ilesh Khakhkhar. Our team includes strategists, writers, designers, media buyers, programmers, video producers, internet marketing specialists and other top level talent.