Staff Training


“Invest in Your People and Increase Referrals”

Suppose, you have put lots of efforts in marketing, branding, advertising and clinic development. And the result; it will definitely attract new patients. But what if your staff doesn’t treat your patients well? What if your customer service staff fails to solve the patients’ queries? What if your staff fails to keep your clinic clean, neat and fresh? The answer is patients will not come again to your clinic.

So your staff members play key role in providing best services to the patients, to retain your patients, and ultimately to increase the number of referrals.

Here, iDoc will help you to train your staff;

  • Convert patients’ call inquiries into appointment
  • Physician liaison training
  • Improve customer service skill
  • Solve the patients’ queries
  • Increase Case Acceptance
  • Increase patients’ satisfaction and retention

So whatever your staff needs customer service excellence, case conversation, clinic development or basic healthcare staff training, iDoc will help you in that.