Refund Policy

‘Cancellation and Refund Policy’

1. This cancellation and refund policy (“Policy”) governs the cancellation of your membership of iDoc Solutions offered by iDoc Solutions, a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 of India, having its corporate office at B/407, 4th floor Imperial Heights, 150ft. Ring Road, Rajkot – 360005 (Gujatat, India) and of the membership authority issued by “iDoc Solutions”, as well as the refund of the fees paid by you towards purchase of our services which is “Membership Fees”.

2. In the event that you wish to cancel the iDoc Solutions (Services) and your membership with iDoc Solutions, you shall be required to intimate the same to iDoc Solutions by sending an email to the official mail ID within 45 (forty five) days of membership of the iDoc Solutions by you. You no need torequire to return the gifts or Card and all documents and other items provided to you along with the iDoc solutions membership (“iDoc Solutions member’s receivable items”) by mailing the aforesaid to iDoc official address.

3. However do note, this cancellation is permitted only within 45 (forty five) days of membership of iDoc Solutions provided to you and if you do not want to use the iDoc Solutions Service even after using iDoc service during this 15 (fifteen) days period with any of its affiliates to avail its benefits. Even after the cancellation of iDoc Solution membership in any form to avail its use of benefits will make the cancellation request redundant.

4. Discontinue with iDoc Solutions membership possesses authority to ask you for the reason of discontinue of your membership with iDoc Solutions with immediate effect; and (i) Reason of refund of the amount paid by you as Membership Fees. On Cancellation as aforesaid, iDoc Solutions shall intimate you of the fact of such Cancellation and shall inform you of the method of refund of your Membership Fees. (ii) Such Cancellation shall be subject to the following terms: Cancellations shall be considered only if a valid request is made in this regard within 45 (forty five) days of membership of the iDoc Solutions by you.

5. If any iDoc member request for refund with case of full payment done on yearly offered package will be liable to receive only remaining term’s of refund within next month on their provided credit card information.

6. We request our all applicants to read, understand and agree to abide by this Agreement. All information in this communication is correct & updated in January 2019 and is subject to change at the discretion of iDoc Solutions. This agreement shall form an integral part of the terms and conditions governing the use of the iDoc Solutions services available on

7. iDoc Solutions also gives regain opportunity to their old members and gives chance to old members to rejoin and use iDocServices with the same joining procedure.

8. If any member wants to use iDoc services in future and do not want to claim their refund for the future joining purpose then this offer will be valid within a year and the offer will not be valid in next financial year.

9. MEMBERSHIP TERM: Once the initial “Membership Fee” or “Enrollment Charges” or “Subscription Charges” and any enrollment, processing or other fee is paid and received, a member will be entitled to the subsidized iDoc services during the membership period as defined by the expiry date given on the membership certificate (from the date of activation) or as otherwise stated on the valid / active iDoc Loyalty Card.


LOST CARD: In case of loss of iDoc membership card (Loyalty Card), a duplicate membership card may be issued at the nominal charges of Rs. 500 /- (plus the applicable taxes). The tenure of the membership will remain as specified in the initial membership card.


Note: iDoc Solutions provides users 15 days trial services and after this period, if any user of the service wants to enroll and ready to make the membership payments on own decision cannot claim for refund within the 1st month of service as the refund is applicable for user after the completion of 1st month of subscription.