What is iDoc Solutions?

iDoc Solutions is a specialized marketing consulting service focused on helping Dermatologists’ practice. We are here to find the core issues of valuing and servicing your patients and devising a strategic and creative marketing plan to get more patients through your front door.

Our consulting and coaching approach gives you practical and personal skills to win over your existing patients and acquire new patients. Our creative and design expertise will implement a comprehensive marketing solution for your practice. Knowing how to correctly and compassionately treat your patients means more monthly revenue.


How is iDoc Solutions different from other consultants?

We take time to understand your needs. We also understand that no two offices are alike and we get to work innovativelyin a quick way so that results can be achievedquickly. Unlike others, we don't just deliver a bullet point list and promise to call weekly for a check-up.


Our ideas and strategies are provided with a step-by-step implementation plan. We take care of design work, printing, and the whole marketing development plan,so everything gets executed easily for your clinical development. Our approach is hands-on and we get the job done. We believe that time is money and iDoc Solutions is the right investment for your business.


Why is creative marketing so important for my practice?

The competition is fierce. Many healthcare practitioners are branching out and offering these cash expanded services. Additionally, the patients of today, especially aesthetic patients, demand a great deal for their time and money. They want to be treated with care and attention.

How do you distinguish your practice and services so that patients choose you over the competitor down the street? The secret is how to effectively deliver your marketing message so that patients can give you a chance to help them.


Who leads iDoc Solutions?

iDoc Solutions is lead by Mr. IleshKhakhkhar, the founder and owner of iDoc Solutions, having 13 plus years of experience in marketing and entrepreneurship. He has leadership experience for both the corporate and private sector. He has vision to bring revolutionary change in the dermatology industry by his wisdom. He has been always busy to do best for dermatology industry and now he has his own methodology & tools which can help dermatology practitioners in various ways.


How will Doctors know that iDoc Solutions is helping their practice?

What you get here, you won’t get there or anywhere else. You will see the improvement as you will work smarter and work happier. You'll be less stressed knowing that your staff can assist you in providing the best patient experience. You'll see more patients and more monthly profit & also you will find it’s helpful in your goal achievement process.


How iDoc Solutions will be helpful to build customer relationships in your daily practice?

With the right marketing strategy in place, patients will know about most or all of the dermatology options that you offer even before they are taken back into the exam room. The proper coaching will give you the skills necessary to effectively communicate your message to patients with care and compassion. Take-home reading materials handed to the patients by you further extends their knowledge of all that you can do to treat their concerns.


What are the guarantees?

iDoc Solutions gives guarantee that we will work for your satisfaction. Our objective is to improve your business by providing you marketing, branding, staff training, time management and other management terms in which we are expert. We also need you and your staff’s co-ordination to achieve your professional or business goals.


Should I choose iDocSolutions to help me with marketing?

The question is - are you ready to increase your bottom line? Marketing can be accomplished in a professional and tasteful way to promote your services and products.


How do I get started?

It is very simply, you can sign-up by filling in few details & once we review your received details, you will get confirmation mail & you will be ready to use our services.


What should I do if I need any personal assistance in any of my practice issues?

Contact us through our mail ID or client care helpline number to get started.Before we start we need to go through identification of business requirement process and have to work out on that. For that we will ask you several online questions for practice assessment and you can fill it and submit us. We also encourage you to read our terms & conditions and privacy policy to understand our security terms.Your private data will only be used for your business analysis purpose.