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Waiting Area Video Presentation

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₹ 10000.00
Product Description:

Playing a video presentation in your waiting/reception area is a well-proven tactic for encouraging existing patients to take up new types of treatments and to educate them. It is a most engaging method and your patient while waiting for their turn doesn’t get bore.


We will provide you one hour video presentation with your clinic’s logo, your photograph which you can play in your waiting/reception area.


This presentation will include information on various treatments, pre-post photographs of procedures/treatments, do’s and don’ts, skin tips. Your logo as a watermark in entire video. Logo animation and doctor name at every 15 minutes.

(This will be complete pre-set video module. If you want complete customized video presentation as per your requirement then it will be costed Rs. 20,000/- for such presentation.)

  • Category : Branding

  • Product Price : ₹ 10000.00

  • Product Size : 1 hour

  • Product Code : ISLCD01